A Church is far more than just a building!


12 Reasons to be an Active Church Member


1.Being an active church member helps strengthen your



2.Being active in your church helps you grow as a person.


3.Church provides a sense of belonging and fellowship


4.Active church membership can give you a sense of fulfillment


5.Sharing your unique gifts helps you and your church


6.Being active in your church is an opportunity to serve others


7.You can help fulfill Christ’s mission in the world


8.Active church membership can help nurture children


9.Being active in your church helps put your faith into action


10.Active church membership helps build a sense of community.


11.Church can offer support in times of crisis.

12.Being an active member of your church.


                      CHRISTMAS 2016

Special Deivery
       Presented by POP Youth & Children.............

                        Mark You Calendar Now

                           TWO Performances
                        Saturday December 10th @ 6:00 PM
                        Sunday December 11th @ 10:15AM


                      Cantata Presentation by Chancel Choir
                        Sunday, Decembar 18th, @ 10:15 AM
                              "Gloria Christ Has Come"


Refresh begins again sept 28th !! 



Cooking class for kids - 5:30pm

music class for kids. 6:30pm-8pm


Adult studies.  6:30pm- 8pm. Two choices!
bible study lead by Pastor Thom
   Or "What is the reformation and what does it mean for us today?"
led by pastor Wally          
Also High School Bible study led by Janet on Tuesdays 7pm-8pm
Hope to see you every Wednesday ! Be refreshed by God's spirit and grace.
Pastor Thom

 >>>>>Also check out UP COMMING EVENTS<<<<<<<

Here is some more Small Group Possibilities - sign-up this Sunday let us know if you are interested!!!

(sign-up this Sunday)


How about a Pet night out group? Bring Pets to get to know each other and have their masters enjoy some conversation too!


   How about a Coffeehouse and Music group - bring your instrument or come to sing some old and new favorites!!


How about a Theology on Tap group - enjoy some good beer and good conversation about faith, life and Godly wisdom?


How about a Birthday Club group - each month those who share some month, come and enjoy some birthday cake and celebrate together!!




In gratitude for Jesus guiding us along the
  Remember to Sign-Up this Sunday for our Small Group Ministries...They have gotten off to a great start and people are enjoying the fellowship! Watch for Bulletin for upcoming dates.
 watch the bulletin and Tidings for more information and let Pastor Thom know if you have any other ideas for starting a new small group ministry.









 Prince of Peace Making of our  New MEMORIAL GARDEN 


Prince of Peace New Memorial Garden…


It's done and it looks great!!



 photo BrickGr.jpg

  photo AAACenter.jpg


                                               photo IMG_3788.jpg 




January 16, 2019



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